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iMuse Island

Most Midis are by Highland Productions (Andrew "telarium" Langley and Jimmi "Serge" Thøgersen)
The Midis that are marked by (1) are from Grim Fandango Midi Soundtrack (Evan Lutton)
The midis that are marked by (2) are from Tom Lewandowski
The midis that are marked by (3) are from Peter Silk.
The midi that is marked by (4) is from Shredder.
The midis that are marked by (5) are from The LucasZone (John Macomber)
The midis that are marked by (6) are from Ramy
The midis that are marked by (7) are from Unno

Maniac Mansion

Main Theme (4)
Main Theme - New (4) + (7)
Sid and Razor's Piano Tune

Zak Mc Cracken

Main Theme (4)
Main Theme - New (4) + (7)


Main Theme (2)
Main Theme - New (2) + (7)
Crystalgard (2)
Crystalgard - New (2) + (7)
Hetchel (2)
Hetchel (2) + (7)
The Shepherds (2)
The Shepherds - New (2) + (7)
The Iron Worker's Guild (2)
The Iron Worker's Guild - New (2) + (7)
The Cathedral (2)
The Cathedral - New (2) + (7)

The Secret of Monkey Island

Main Theme (2)
Le Chuck Theme
Prelude (Church)
The Wood
Love Theme (2)
The Bone Dance (2)

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

Intro Music (2)
Woodtick (2)
Voodoo Theme (2)
Scabb Island Map
Captain Dread
Stabbing Largo
Phatt Island (2)
Phatt Mansion Guard
Wheel of Fortune
Rum Rogers (Exterior)
Waking Rapp Scallion
Diving (2)
Stan's Theme (2)
Love Theme
Escape from Monkey Island
End Titles (2)

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

Intro Music
Kerner steals the Statue
New York
Fighting Theme
The Seance
Sophia's presentation of Atlantis
Sophias Office is Ransacked
The Azores
Tikal Temple
Sternhart steals the World Stone
Reseach Lab in Germany
Monte Carlo
Hotel Room
Carchase in Monte Carlo
Crossing the Desert
The Dig (Creta)
The Elevator in Creta
Diving for Atlantis
Outer Ring 1
Outer Ring 2
Outer Ring 3
The Map Room
Killing the Guard
Kissing Sophia
Crab-like Raft
The Transit
Indy's Death (Game Over)

Day of the Tentacle

Introduction and Title Music (2)
Chron 'O John
Dr. Fred's Lab
Flushing the plans to Hoagie
Cigar Salesman
The Honeymoon Suite
Green T and the Sushi Platter
Nurse Edna
The Candy Machine
International Revenue Service
Weirded Ed
Defacing the Stamp Collection
Ending titles
The very End

Red's Lab
Building the Fire
Brewing up a Storm

Tentacle Jail
Tentacle Disco (Mummy Room)
The Human Show
Good Bye Dead Cousin Ted
Tentacle Headquarters

Sam & Max Hit the Road

LucasArts Screen
Introduction Music
Main Theme
Outside Headquarters
Sam & Max Map
Highway Surfing
Conroy Bumpus
Impressions of a Carnaval
Carnaval of the Odd
Cone of tragedy
Moleman Theme
Trixie's Trailer
Louisiana Snuckey Exteriors
Michigan Snuckey Exteriors
Texas Snuckey Exteriors
Snuckey Songs 1
Snuckey Songs 2
Sncukey Songs 3
Snuckey Songs 4
World of Fish
World's largest Ball of Twine
Outside Mystery Vortex
Frog Rock
Sam's Tale (Virtual Reality)
Dino Park
Wally and Rex
Extracting the Tooth
Indiana Sam and the last Toupee

Tie Fighter -NEW-

Tie Fighter Theme 1 (6)
Tie Fighter Theme 2 (6)
Tie Fighter Theme 3 (6)
Registration (6)
Main Room (6)
Combat Chamber (6)
Combat Briefing (6)
Briefing 2 (6)
Briefing 3 (6)
Training (6)
Launch (6)
Mission Failure (6)
Mission Success (6)
Slide Room (6)
Battle 1 (6)
Battle 2 (6)
Cutscene Room (6)
Spy Cutscene (6)
Hark Cutscene (6)
Thrawn Cutscene (6)
Thrawn 2 (6)
Death Cutscene (6)
B-Weapon Cutscene (6)
Demanstrate Cutscene (6)
Cloak Cutscene (6)
Ceremony (6)
The Emperor (6)
Medals (6)
Medical (6)
Funeral (6)
Starlog (6)
Evil Monk (6)

Full Throttle

Introduction Music

Dark Forces -NEW-

Dark Forces Title Music (6)
Dark Forces Ending (6)


Sanctuary (5)
The Sawmill (5)

The Curse of Monkey Island

Deep in the Caribbean
Crying Wally (3)
Danjer Bay (Boat Song)
Pirate Ship Song (Playback)
LeChuck's Plans
Rollercoaster of Death

Grim Fandango

Video Trailer
The Lobby (1)
The Ledge (1)
Roof Top (3)
Domino's Office
Races (1)

All images media files are (c) by LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC.