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06/03/2004:Emperor's Tomb music gets GANG awards

Clint Bajakian's Indy score gets nominations in 4 categories

The Game Audio Network Guild ( has announced its 2nd Annual G.A.N.G. nominations. Clint Bajakian's orchestral score for the LucasArts title Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb has got nominations in four(!) different categories: "Best Live Performance Recording", "Best Interactive Score", "Best Arrangement of a Non-Original Score" and last, but definitely not least "Music of the Year".

These awards are so important since the nominees have been chosen by many other top composers and sound designers of the industry. The winners will be announced during a ceremony held at this year's Game Developers Conference.

Congratulations to Clint Bajakian and his company BA Sound!

Link: Complete nominees list @

29/12/2003:Another new fan remix

Zak Mc Kracken remix

We've been sent a fan remix of the Zak McKracken main theme. Check it out!

Secret Weapons over Normandy Soundtrack

LucasArts has released another soundtrack CD: Michael Giacchino's score of Secret Weapons over Normandy that has been played by a 76-piece orchestra, a 50-person choir and a 10-member Taiko drums ensemble can now be enjoyed on 2 Audio-CDs (30 tracks and a total playing time of over 80 minutes). The good news for all the people living outside North America: This soundtrack has been produced in cooperation with La-La Land Records and is sold world-wide on their website.

Link: SWON soundtrack

22/11/2003:New fan music

3 new fan songs

We've got new fan music. Batu Eritenel has sent us two great remixes of Escape from Monkey Island cues (the Scummbar theme and the Menu music). They are very stylish and special, you should definitely give them a try! Also, Humpert Matthew has created a remix of the opening music from Tie Fighter.

Link: Fan music

Another interview with Peter McConnell

Besides our own interview with Peter McConnell, our host (which is finally back to live) has also published an interview with this brilliant composer. The interview mainly focuses on the upcoming Psychonauts and the canceled Full Throttle: Hell on Wheels. It also contains three exclusive music cues from Psychonauts.

Link: Peter McConnell @

04/11/2003:Photo fun

Exclusive photo material from recording sessions

LucasArts has provided us with some exclusive photo material from the recording sessions with live orchestras for Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb, Gladius Secret Weapons over Normandy and Wrath Unleashed. If you always were interested in learning how such orchestra recordings are handled and want to have a look behind the scenes, check out these pictures now!

Link: Photo Gallery

27/10/2003:Exclusive interview with Peter McConnell!

Interview with the composer of many LucasArts games

Peter McConnell worked for about 10 years as an in house musician at LucasArts. He has been co-composer on Monkey Island 2, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Day of the Tentacle, Sam and Max Hit the Road, and he has been lead composer on Full Throttle and Grim Fandango. After his departure from LucasArts, he has also been hired as a freelancer to contribute to the score of Monkey Island 4, and is currently working for Doublefine Productions on Tim Schafer’s upcoming Psychonauts

We had the chance to ask him a few questions about all these games, and the result is a really long and interesting interview. This is the second part of our special. Expect nice foto material from recording sessions for Gladius, Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb, Secret Weapons over Normandy and Wrath Unleashed soon.

Link: Peter McConnell interview

30/09/2003:Exclusive interview with Jeff Kliment!

Interview with the manager of the LucasArts sound department

IMuse Island today offers you an exclusive interview with Jeff Kliment. Learn more about voice-acting, sound and music production for LucasArts games directly from the source.

This interview is the first part of a big special that will go on during the upcoming days. Expect other interesting features soon!

Link: Jeff Kliment Interview

15/08/2003:World Premier of Michael Giacchino's Secret Weapons Over Normandy Score!

Listen to the main theme now!

Music4Games has now uploaded an exclusive MP3 of the five minutes long main theme from Secret Weapons Over Normandy. You can download the MP3 (6,79 MB) directly from the article that we already mentioned in our last news entry. Tell us your impressions in the forum!

13/08/2003:Back to life

About hackers, servers and admins

A few months ago, our host,, has been attacked by a hacker (there was a security lack in the forum script from one of the hosted sites). Normally, this wouldn't have been too big of an issue, but unfortunately, during a reinstall of the server's operating system (to shut the hacker out), all the data was lost by the admin of the colocation facility... no backups available.

Since this situation is quite intolerable, decided to go to a new location. A totally new server at a totally new facility with a totally new admin. The hard-drive had been sent to a recovery facility, and they are still waiting for their data. To read more about this whole, dreadful story, check out their temporary page or this forum thread.

Fortunately, iMuse Island's whole data was still on my private hard drive, so it has now been possible to reopen the site. Special thanks to DJG from Mojo for setting up our server space and domain again!

Anyway, sorry for the inconvenience and welcome back! Also, some new features are in the pipeline right now and will be published soon!

RTX Red Rock: Official Soundtrack CD and interview

An official soundtrack from RTX Red Rock has been released by LucasArts. It features 14 full length tracks and can be ordered at the LucasArts Company Store for $12,95 (together with a free comic). 

Also, Music4Games has published an interview with Dave Levison, composer of the music in RTX Red Rock. You can also download two MP3s with music from the game there.

Wrath Unleashed: Interview about the live performance with Northwest Sinfonia

Music4Games has also published an interview with Jack Wall. Jack Wall has composed the music for LucasArts' upcoming Wrath Unleashed. This soundtrack has been performed by Northwest Sinfonia, the same orchestra that has also been used to perform Clint Bajakian's score for Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb. They have used 57 instrumentalists and 16 choir singers for this recording session.

Secret Weapons over Normandy: Article about the live performance with Northwest Sinfonia

Similarly, Music4Games has also published an article about the music in Secret Weapons over Normandy. Yet again, LucasArts has used the same orchestra, the Northwest Sinfonia. For this game, they have used a 76-piece orchestra, a 50-person(!) choir and a 10-member Taiko drums ensemble. As already mentioned before, the score has been composed by Michael Giacchino, who has also composed the music for Call of Duty and the Medal of Honor series.

So, with Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb, Secret Weapons over Normandy and now Wrath Unleashed, LucasArts has already used Northwest Sinfonia for three game soundtracks by now. A new tradition? Discuss this new trend in our forum!

We are looking for Frank Polster

Are you Frank Polster? If so, please click here!

31/05/2003:A few composer details

Sam and Max: Freelance police (Mark Griskey) revealed in their interview with lead designer Mike Stemmle that the soundtrack of Freelance Police will be composed by Mark Griskey.

So who is Mark Griskey, you might ask? Well, we've found the answer in the "Ask LucasArts" section of (check out the entry of 19/07/2002; free member account required): 

Mark is LucasArts' new in house composer. You can hear his work in the "LucasArts Logo Animations" video (directly downloadable at; the music from this video is also featured as "20th Anniversary Fanfare" on LucasArts' new soundtrack CD). 

He is also currently composing the orchestral soundtrack for Gladius (from which some cues can be heard in the new E3 video on the official page; a few sketches are also featured on the soundtrack CD).

Mark has also been involved in the music production of Jedi Starfighter, Racer Revenge and Obi Wan.

Secret Weapons over Normandy (Michael Giacchino)

Our last news is being confirmed by's new E3 feature of Secret Weapons over Normandy: the game score will indeed be performed by a real orchestra. However, the orchestra seems to become even bigger than we thought: they now talk about a 109 piece orchestra (instead of a 90 piece orchestra). Mixnmojo also reveals that Michael Giacchino will compose this orchestral score, that even might be released on a soundtrack CD.

Michael Giacchino is perhaps best known to gamers for his work on the Medal of Honor games, but he has also composed soundtracks for many other games, movies and television series. Find out more about this musician on his official homepage.

25/05/2003: Fan music and news

New fan music

Humpert Matthew has submitted two new fan remixes, one from Star Wars: Dark Forces and one from Sam and Max: Hit the Road. Check them out!

First music from upcoming LucasArts titles

LucasArts has published new video clips from their upcoming titles on their E3 page. The music from following games seems to be particularly interesting:

  • Sam and Max: Freelance Police: Great Jazz tunes in the style of Hit the Road, just with a way better sound quality. Absolutely impressive!
  • Full Throttle: Hell on Wheels: Groovy Hard Rock! As mentioned before, Peter McConnell will compose the original music for this game. According to, Grammy nominated slide guitarist Roy Rogers ( will be one of the live musicians used to perform this original score. Besides, some well known bands (that are yet to be announced) will also be contracted to provide some of the songs. Read Mojo's preview to learn more about the music in this game.
  • Secret Weapons over Normandy: Glorious orchestral score. By the way, we've learned that the soundtrack for this game will be performed by a 90 piece orchestra!

  • Gladius: The orchestral score seems to be slightly inspired by Carl Orff’s style (e.g. the use of ostinatos). Besides, the music also reminds us a little bit of the movie soundtrack from Gladiator (especially towards the end).

    Poll at

    For your information: is currently running a Quick Poll with this question: "Which member exclusive feature would you be most interested in?"
    "Downloadable music" is one of the options, and it is currently second with 19% of all votes!

    03/05/2003: News roundup

    Peter McConnell to compose Full Throttle 2 score

    According to our dear host, The International House of Mojo, the soundtrack for Full Throttle: Hell on Wheels will be written by no one less than Peter McConnell, who has also composed the brilliant music in Grim Fandango and has also been one of the composers for Monkey Island 2 and 4, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Day of the Tentacle, Sam and Max Hit the Road. He is currently also writing music for Tim Schafer's Psychonauts.

    He has also written the orchestral parts in the original Full Throttle and has been the man to "bring in" the Gone Jackals. However, the Gone Jackals won't be involved in the sequel. But perhaps Peter McConnell will find another band to play some live music for this game?

    Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb available for PC and X-Box

    Emperor's tomb is out now for a couple of weeks, and the original music written by Clint Bajakian really works fantastic in the game! Each location has its own musical flavor (for example, you do hear some chinese references in Hong Kong or some calm flute tones in Ceylon), but it all fits together in one coherent orchestral style.

    By the way, the music is saved as MP3 files (that are fortunately not premixed with the ambient sound) on the CD, so you can also enjoy it outside the game.

    A PC demo has also been released, so those of you who don't own the game yet can already listen to some new music there.

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

    On the official site, you can now download a few music clips from the game. Unlike most other Star Wars games, this game does not use the movie score from John Williams, but will contain original music composed by Jeremy Soule. To learn more about this composer, check out his official page

    Soundtrack news

    Adventuregamers has published a very interesting review of the Grim Fandango soundtrack. Be sure to give it a read!

    After having been sold out almost the first day of its appearance, The Best of LucasArts Original Soundtracks is now again available for people who live outside North America at SynSoniq records (unfortunately, the price is still quite high). Those who live in the United States or Canada can of course still buy it at the LucasArts company store.

    14/02/2003: Indiana Jones: First music teasers downloadable now!

    Finally, has uploaded the promised clips from Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb. Clint Bajakian did a fantastic job, and the symphony orchestra that was used during the recordings just sounds awesome!

    You can download two great clips here, or read more about the recording sessions here.

    By the way, the version of the Raiders March that plays in the background of the official page also seems to have been re-recorded for this game, as it sounds slightly different than in the movies (with some nice French horn variations etc.). You can download it directly here on iMuse Island.

    Don't forget to tell us your opinion about these clips in our Forum!

    09/01/2003: Soundtrack review

    Happy New Year

    First of all, I wish a happy new year to all of you. (Well, better late than never, you know.) May all your dreams and hopes come true!

    The Best of LucasArts Original Soundtracks

    Finally, LucasArts has decided to release another official soundtrack CD with some of their best original game music. The CD, which has been edited to celebrate LucasArts' 20th anniversary, contains tracks from The Dig, Outlaws, Grim Fandango and the Monkey Island series. 

    Read our review about LucasArts' new "Best of" soundtrack CD now.

    Fan Music

    Once again, Steve Mc Crary has written a new fan medley, called "Shades of Dark Forces". As you may have guessed by the title, it's a medley with songs from Outlaws... no, just teasing you, it is of course a medley from the classic Star Wars game Dark Forces. Check it out!

    Clint Bajakian Interviews

    As we mentioned already some time ago, Clint Bajakian has written an original soundtrack for the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb. What makes this score so special, is the fact that LucasArts hired a whole symphony orchestra (72 musicians) to perform this score. You can read about this new Indy score in the following interviews:

    Music4Games Interview
    Mixnmojo Interview

    Also, be sure to check out regularly, because they promised to publish some clips from that score this January.

    Conroy Bumpus finally sounds like in the old days

    In the United Kingdom, LucasArts has released a compilation called The Entertainment Pack, featuring fully windows compatible versions of Sam and Max Hit the Road, Full Throttle, The Dig and Grim Fandango (well, the latter was of course already a Windows title).

    I've contacted Aaron Giles, one of the programers that was responsible for this compilation, asking him if the midi music in Sam and Max would sound "right" (on many new sound cards, the music from older LucasArts games sounded pretty bad, with wrong instruments, sometimes even percussion instruments playing as a piano, which caused some awful disharmonies). This is what he had to assure us:

    "At least for Sam & Max, the original GMIDI stream is sent through DirectMusic. DM has a pretty decent (IMHO) software GMIDI synth that will play the music."

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